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    The Internet has become the preferred marketing tool because of the excellent value for money it offers. Measuring results is also much easier than with more traditional marketing tools, such as print ads.It is estimated that around 80% 1 of pre-purchase searches are conducted over the Internet.

    In 2017, the number of websites in the world exceeded one billion. In such a mass of information at your fingertips, how to bring out your business? How to attract the user to your site from the beginning of his search for a product or service?

    The answer lies in web referencing. At the Best SEO in Phoenix the following processes are followed.

    What is web referencing?

    Doing SEO is to ensure that its website will appear at the top of the results given by the search engines after a search by keywords 2 relevant.

    Ideally, your business should be positioned in the first third of the search results on the first page. The further away it gets, the fewer hits will be on its website.

    Since few users go to the second page of results, appearing early in the search results is essential for reaching your customers on the Internet. Visibility on search engines should therefore be one of the priorities of your Web strategy.

    To make sure your business appears as high as possible in search results, you need to act on three plans, described below:

    • natural (or organic) referencing
    • paid referencing
    • local SEO

    How to check the positioning of your site?


    Search for the key keywords in your industry and observe the results. If your site does not come out in the first third of the first page, there is room for improvement.


    2nd step

    Since search engines take into account the user’s geographic location, this introduces a bias in the search result that you perform yourself. You must also search by people using their own keywords and in your target markets that are geographically distant from your location.

    How to choose your keywords?

    As we have seen above, key words or phrases are of prime importance and represent the basis of referencing. Here are some tips for choosing your keywords:

    • Define one or more target clienteles.
    • Think in groups internally to define a list of words or phrases in each language of your site.
    • Ask your customers about the keywords they use in your industry; these keywords may differ from yours.
    • Consider the official terms, for example in “good French”, and the usual terms, that is to say those that are most often used.
    • Check which keywords are accessing the sites of your main competitors.
    • Use only one or two synonymous keywords in the content of each page.

    A good positioning in the search engines will be easier to obtain by using a precise expression rather than a generic word. Search engines favor groups of words and even complete sentences.

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