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    Here’s how firms perform a limpieza de reputacion en Google with the use of SEO.


    Many people will want to perform effective and efficient limpieza de reputacion en Google -cleaning of reputation on Google – for many reasons. These can include involvement in the use of black hat techniques, sex scandals, and professional misconduct, among others, which resulted in the damage to reputation.


    Fortunately, cleaning up a tarnished reputation on Google is possible! The trick is in using the right methods to do so and search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best.


    #1 Build Citations and Links


    Google considers active links and citations as integral parts of its search engine ranking algorithm. For this reason, building citations and links to websites and webpages that will rank well is a must for limpieza de reputacion en Google.


    But be picky about choosing the links and citations. Your reputacion online will depend on the positive aspects of these things.


    Keep these things in mind when building them:


    • Use your social media accounts for interlinking purposes. On your webpages and blogs, you can provide a list of your official social media accounts and place icon link buttons to them.


    • Post the active links to your content published across various websites. You can provides the links on your photos, status updates, videos, and blogs.


    • Avoid overdoing the links. Otherwise, you’re at risk of violating Google’s search engine policies.


    If you have a small business, you can also distribute your business information via a listing distribution service. You can rely on the distributor to send out your business information to online yellow pages, online directories, and local search engines, among others. Your reputacion online will be better for it, too, aside from boosting your online presence.


    #2 Inclusion in Positive Content


    Yet another way to conduct a limpieza de reputacion en Google is to closely associate your name with positive content. Your name can be your personal name, as well as your brand, products or services, and company.


    A few tips about placing your name in positive content:


    • Check that your name is on the text of the pages
    • Ensure that it appears in several beneficial places in the pages’ code
    • Include your name in the pages’ title tag and URL


    You’re also well-advised to register a domain with your name on it. Of course, you must also have positive, reliable and useful content on it. Aside from the usual articles, blogs and press releases, you can also post images representing your name and create videos in your name, too.


    Should you do these things on your own? While do-it-yourself efforts in restoring positive reputacion online – online reputation – can be effective, the best results can be achieved with professional assistance. This is because professionals have the knowledge, skills and resources to deal with the complicated process.


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